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In this program you will learn and practice all the necessary conversation and grammar skills to start to speak Spanish.

    What you will learn
  • - Introduce yourself and some others. i.e. name, nationality, job, age, likes and preferences, etc.
  • - Talk about description and some daily activities in present tense. i.e. daily routine at home, at work, recreational activities, etc.
  • - Understand and use basic personal information given from other people in a conversation. i.e. greetings, personal introduction, weather, location, families, restaurant, etc.
  • - Basic grammar about the most common verbs in Present tense. The present tense is a verb tense used to describe a current activity or state of being. However, somewhat unusually, the present tense can also be used to describe future simple activities.
  • - Irregular verbs in present. those verbs whose stems change when they are conjugated. In other words, their verb endings do not follow the ordinary pattern for verbs with their infinitive endings.

  • - No previous Spanish knowledge is necessary.
  • - Computer

This Program includes
  • - 24 videos. Duration is from 3 to 5 minutes. Each video focus on a different topic. Videos are arranged in 3 units.
  • - 3 PDF documents. One PDF per unit. After each video, refer to your PDF document and complete the respective assignment/coursework.
  • - 1 private online class. At the end of the course as a Q&A session and to review your assignments


Unidad 1

Lección 1: Conjugación en presente.
Lección 2: Verbo “ser”.
Lección 3: Artículos y Sustantivos.
Lección 4: Verbo “gustar”.
Lección 5: Verbo “Haber”
Lección 6: Pronombres interrogativos.
Lección 7: Verbo “Tener”.
Lección 8: Verbo “ir”.
Worksheet: UNIT 1 PDF coursework.

Unidad 2

Lección 1: Verbo “estar”.
Lección 2: Verbos irregulares en presente.
Lección 3: Demostrativos y Posesivos.
Lección 4: Expresiones impersonales.
Lección 5: Verbos auxiliares.
Lección 6: Preposiciones.
Lección 7: Saber VS conocer.
Lección 8: Otros usos del verbo “tener”.
Worksheet: UNIT 2 PDF coursework.

Unidad 3

Lección 1: Verbos reflexivos.
Lección 2: “To be” verb: “ser”, “estar”, “tener” y “hace”.
Lección 3: Verbos reflexivos recíprocos.
Lección 4: Objeto directo.
Lección 5: Frases del obligatoriedad.
Lección 6: Objeto indirecto.
Lección 7: Modelos de comparación.
Lección 8: Objeto directo VS Objeto indirecto.
Worksheet: UNIT 3 PDF coursework.
This Program includes:

24 videos + 3 worksheet PDF coursework + 1 private online class

  • • Costs:
  • - virtual Spanish program
    $13.99 USD
    - virtual Spanish program + 5 private online classes
    $80.00 USD
    - virtual Spanish program + 10 private online classes
    $140.00 USD

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