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In this program you will learn and practice all the necessary conversation and grammar skills to improve your Spanish.

    What you will learn
  • - Deep understanding of past tense. The preterit indicative (el pretérito de indicativo) is a Spanish past tense. We use it for completed past actions, facts or general truths in the past or to express an action that interrupts a second action.
  • - Understand and use of common daily expressions. i.e. Information about yourself, your family, shopping, etc.
  • - Use of connective words. They help us enrich our descriptive or narrative texts, giving flow to our accounts, and avoiding a plain or unrelated sequence of sentences. i.e. entonces, despues de, ademas, etc (then, after that, besides, etc).
  • - Oral and written expression in future. i.e. El próximo verano viajaremos a la playa (Next summer we will travel to the beach.
  • - Imperfect. This tense is used to describe past habitual actions or to talk about what someone was doing when they were interrupted by something else
  • - Compound tenses. Compound tenses are made up of auxiliary verb (Haber) combined with another verb in past participle. Most common are present perfect and pluperfect.
  • - Conditional tense. Is used to talk about hypothetical situations and probabilities and to make polite requests.

  • - Have a high beginner Spanish level or have done the beginner Spanish virtual program.
  • - Computer

This Program includes
  • - 17 videos. Duration is from 3 to 5 minutes. Each video focus on a different topic. Videos are arranged in 3 units.
  • - 3 PDF documents. One PDF per unit. After each video, refer to your PDF document and complete the respective assignment/coursework.
  • - 1 private online class. At the end of the course as a Q&A session and to review your assignments.


Unidad 1

Lección 1: Pretérito.
Lección 2: Verbos irregulares en Pretérito.
Lección 3: Verbos como “gustar”.
Lección 4: Pronombres y adjetivos indefinidos.
Lección 5: Por VS Para
Lección 6: Imperfecto.
Lección 7: Verbos con preposición.
Worksheet: UNIT 1 PDF coursework.

Unidad 2

Lección 1: Pretérito VS imperfecto.
Lección 2: Pronombre “se”.
Lección 3: Futuro simple.
Lección 4: Tiempo condicional.
Lección 5: El verbo “become” en español.
Worksheet: UNIT 2 PDF coursework.

Unidad 3

Lección 1: Presente Perfecto.
Lección 2: Imperativo.
Lección 3: Pluscuamperfecto.
Lección 4: Voz pasiva.
Lección 5: Condicional compuesto.
Worksheet: UNIT 3 PDF coursework.
This Program includes:

17 videos + 3 worksheet PDF coursework + 1 private online class

  • • Costs:
  • - virtual Spanish program
    $13.99 USD
    - virtual Spanish program + 5 private online classes
    $80.00 USD
    - virtual Spanish program + 10 private online classes
    $140.00 USD

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