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What you will learn
  • - Talk about description and some daily activities in present tense. i.e. daily routine with a lot of details about it, at work, recreational activities, etc.

  • - Basic grammar about the most common reflexive verbs. reflexive verbs are often used to describe things you do to yourself every day or that involve a change of some sort, for example, going to bed, sitting down, getting angry, and so on.

  • - Deep understanding and practicing of the most common prepositions. i.e. “a”,”de”, “en”, “con”, etc.

  • - Special uses of “tener”. i.e. “Tego que estudiar…”, “tengo ganas de…”.

  • - Beginner 2 program preferently.

  • - Zoom technology.

This Program includes
  • - 10 hours of classes. Duration is of one hour. Two classes per week (Monday and Friday)

  • - 7:00pm Eastern time.

  • - Material for the class.

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