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What you will learn
  • - Students will be able to understand very clear the differences between structure of the conditional i.e. “Si voy a la playa, necesito bloqueador” vs Conditional tense i.e. “Iría a la playa pero no tengo vacaciones”.

  • - Deep understanding of special differences between past tense and imperfect tense. How we talk about narration vs description, interrupted actions etc.

  • - The student will be able to have an effective communication with somebody in the past. i.e. your last trip, your life where you were young, our life when you were students, etc.

  • - The student will be able to distinguish all the uses of the pronoun “se”, i.e “ella se enoja con sus amigos”, “se me olvidó la tarea”, “se permiten mascotas”, “se lo dimos ayer”.

  • - Verbos especiales. Special verbs are those which can be different meanings depending of the completement used with. i.e “pensar + infinitive”, “pensar que”, “pensar en”, etc.

  • - High beginner Spanish level is required.

  • - Zoom App.

This Program includes
  • - 10 hours of classes. Duration is of one hour. two classes per week (Tuesday and Thursday)

  • - 6:00pm Eastern time.

  • - Material for the class.

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