Escuela Mexicana

Los mejores cursos de español a tu alcance

What you will learn
  • - Have very proficient conversations with people about very specific topics related to history, science, art and business.

  • - A great use of connective words in the communicative discourse writing or speaking. These words help us enrich our descriptive or narrative texts, giving flow to our accounts, and avoiding a plain or unrelated sequence of sentences. i. e. por lo tanto, antes de que, después de que, en cuanto, hasta que, finalmente, etc.

  • - Understand books and news related to daily information with personal interest.

  • - Grammar about all the tenses of subjunctive and a detailed analysis of the uses of pronouns with imperative.

  • - Have an upper advanced Spanish level.

  • - Zoom technology.

This Program includes
  • - 10 hours of classes. Duration is of one hour. One classes per week (Thursday)

  • - 6:00 pm Eastern time.

  • - Material for the class.

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