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Intermediate Pronunciation and Practical Spanish Program.

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What you will learn
  • - Deep practicing of past tenses. You will speak about completed past actions, facts or general truths in the past or to express an action that interrupts a second action. i.e. En 1999 me mudé a Estados Unidos, In 1999 I moved to the United States.

  • - Describe past habitual actions or to talk about what someone was doing at a certain point of the life. i. e. Cuando estaba viajando en México, aprendí mucho sobre la comida tipica Mexicana.

  • - Understand and use of common daily expressions. i.e. Information about yourself, your family, shopping, etc.

  • - Oral expression in the future. i.e. El próximo verano viajaremos a la playa (Next summer we will travel to the beach.

  • - Information about Mexican culture and traditions.

  • - Intermediate I Spanish level is required.

  • - Zoom AP.

This Program includes
  • - 10 hours of classes. Duration is of one hour. Two classes per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays 6 pm EST).

  • - The pronunciation class is for around 45 min and the practical topics (for the second class) will be introduced in the remaining 15 min.

  • - Material for the class.

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