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Hayde Lopez For over two decades, Escuela Mexicana has been a trusted provider of Mexican culture and Spanish as a Second Language (L2) education. Effective communication is the fundamental objective of language learning, encompassing not just linguistic skills but also cultural understanding. Our classes are built on a communicative approach, fostering the ability to comprehend the characteristics, traditions, history, anddaily daily life of Spanish-speaking countries.

With a focus on growth and innovation, Escuela Mexicana has developed its own academic programs, textbooks, and didactic support materials. Our classrooms boast technological elements, including electronic whiteboards and virtual conference rooms for engaging individual and group online classes.
We are thrilled to announce the launch of our digital platform, bringing our renowned courses to learners worldwide. Our platform offers a wide range of private and group courses that cater to different learning techniques. Whether you're a student of any age or working with a specific budget, our programs are accessible to all.

Embrace the convenience of our online Spanish courses and join us on a transformative language journey. Experience the richness of Mexican culture and art, guided by our passionate instructors. Explore our diverse range of programs, including the popular Standard Program, accessible to learners regardless of location. At Escuela Mexicana, we empower you to connect, communicate, and thrive in the Spanish-speaking world.

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