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Designed for students who thrive in a group learning environment, our Standard Program offers the opportunity to practice Spanish skills alongside peers at a similar proficiency level in a progressive program. Engage in interactive activities, participate in group discussions and Benefit from the guidance of our experienced teachers to enhance your language abilities effectively.

The program's Dynamic grammar classes focus on developing essential language skills, including speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing. Immerse yourself in engaging activities, such as readings, audio materials, and verbal expression, exploring the rich tapestry of Spanish history, culture, and traditions.

You may wonder what a progressive program entails. Think of it as constructing a house – the classes are logically sequenced, starting with the foundation, building the walls, adding the roof, and finally, attending to the intricate details. This structured approach ensures a comprehensive and cohesive learning experience.

Understanding your Spanish proficiency level is crucial before embarking on your program. If you have prior language experience or have taken previous Spanish classes, you can take a placement exam to determine your current level. This way, you can join the program at the appropriate stage without starting from the beginner level.

Why study

While children learn through observation and repetition, adults benefit from understanding the "why" behind grammar rules. In our grammar classes, you'll find answers to these fundamental questions, fostering a deeper comprehension of the language.

The Standard Program spans three levels – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced – with each level lasting six months. This structure ensures a comprehensive and progressive learning journey tailored to your needs.

What does the Standard Program include?

You'll receive several packages of 10 live online classes with our expert teachers. Additionally, you'll have access to worksheets containing theoretical information and exercises. Plus, video resources serve as valuable backups, allowing you to review lessons or catch up on missed classes at your convenience.

Embark on your language learning adventure with Escuela Mexicana's Standard Program. Join us today to experience the joy and fulfillment of mastering Spanish.


At Escuela Mexicana, we believe in providing an immersive and interactive learning experience for our students. Our Standard Program embraces the following approaches:

  • Group Learning: Our program thrives on the power of collective learning. Engage with fellow students at a similar proficiency level, participate in group discussions, and benefit from the collaborative atmosphere that enhances language skills effectively.

  • Interactive Activities:We go beyond traditional teaching methods. You'll actively engage with the language through various interactive activities, such as readings, audio materials, and verbal expression, making learning enjoyable and effective.

  • Dynamic Grammar Classes: Our program strongly emphasizes grammar, an essential component of language learning. Our experienced teachers deliver dynamic grammar classes that foster a deep understanding of the language's structure and rules.

Entrance Profile

The Standard Program is designed for individuals who prefer a group learning environment and want to enhance their Spanish skills. Our program is suitable for:

Students Seeking Group Learning: If you thrive in a collaborative setting and enjoy learning alongside peers, the Standard Program perfectly fits you.

Beginner to Advanced Learners: Whether you're starting from scratch or have prior experience with Spanish, our program caters to learners at all proficiency levels.


Upon completing the Standard Program, you will gain:

Language Proficiency: Develop essential language skills, including speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing, through engaging activities and comprehensive lessons.

Cultural Awareness: Explore the rich tapestry of Spanish history, culture, and traditions, deepening your understanding of the Spanish-speaking world.


The Standard Program equips you with the following:

Effective Communication: Enhance your ability to communicate fluently and confidently in Spanish, both in spoken and written forms.

Reading and Listening Comprehension: Develop strong reading and listening skills to understand and engage with various Spanish texts and audio materials.


Our program encourages the following attitudes towards language learning:

Curiosity: Stay curious and explore the intricacies of the Spanish language and culture. comprehension, reading, and writing, through engaging activities and comprehensive lessons.

Growth Mindset: Embrace challenges and view mistakes as opportunities for learning and improvement.

Openness: Maintain an open attitude towards new ideas, perspectives, and linguistic nuances.


Escuela Mexicana promotes the following values throughout the Standard Program:

Respect: Respect the diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds of fellow learners and embrace cultural differences.

Tolerance: Foster an inclusive and accepting environment, valuing the contributions of every learner.

Empathy: Cultivate empathy towards other cultures and develop a deeper understanding of their perspectives.



Our program consists of three engaging units that will guide you through the fundamental of fundamental aspects of the Spanish language.Each theEach unit builds upon the previous one, empowering you to communicate confidently in real-life situations.


Elevate your Spanish proficiency. Learn essential topics. Expand your vocabulary and refine your oral and expression skills.Take your Spanish to the next level and join our program today.


Our online advanced program enhances skills and boosts proficiency. Master conversation and grammar techniques, engage in dynamic discussions across contexts, and unleash your Spanish potential with confidence!

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